After After the Fall

Posted by ruthie

So here I am, at 12:22am. Just got back from the performance of After the Fall. I was not supposed to be in this play, however, the girl that was playing the role of Carrie had to go to the doctor and so I got to step in. As I wrote in my last post, that just meant I had two lines. However, that is another work to add to my resume.

After the Fall is loooooong. We began shortly after 7:30pm and we were leaving the theatre at 11:05pm or so. The production was really cool though. Reading the play by itself is difficult. The play takes place in a character's head and it is not linear at all. However, I got a bigger sense of what it was about when it was performed. Although we really only had one rehearsal, the performance went off without a hitch. There was definitely more energy on the day.

So our next performance is The Crucible, a more popular Miller play. I have a more substantial role, which is good. We meet on Thursday, rehearse with the guest director and actor on Monday and perform on Tuesday. For those who are local, you should come and check it out. It should be fun.

All in all, I am enjoying being in this class.