Countdown - 19 days

Posted by ruthie

In 19 days, I will be auditioning for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I am not nervous now, but that does not mean anything. My nervousness usually shows its face about 4.89 minutes before the actual time. Oh well, some claim is not healthy to not be nervous... I guess an easier way to say that would have been some nervousness is healthy... or something.

I will be doing two monologues. One has to be dramatic, one has to be comedy and one has to be contemporary, while the other has to be a period piece. My monologues are from Agnes of God (dramatic contemporary) and The Importance of Being Ernest (comedy period). I will go into more detail in later posts about these plays and about my specific monologues.

I have been practicing a lot. Usually I am a procrastinator, but I plan on working extra hard for this. I was accepted into the full time program in 1999. Hopefully history repeats itself and I get in again for the six week program in 2008.

Oh and I graduate in about 9 weeks! How does time go so fast? And why does it seem to speed up the older you get?


Chinook McLean said...

I'm sure you'll kick butt.
Break a leg.