I am branching out

Posted by ruthie

I have been thinking. I am really loving this blogging thing and I have, this time, stuck to it longer than previous attempts. And so I plan to continue. However, www.olileanyam.blogspot.com has slowly manifested into something other than its original purposes: (1) to chronicle my journey towards my dream of being an actress; (2) to chronicle my journey towards adoption, when the time comes (now it will include things connected to adoption and not my actual process). So I have decided to create another blog to include everything else. Gracelings does it and so does my cousin and so I think I should to. I am not inclined to do the jumping off the bridge thing unless I think it is necessary. This time I think it is. So join me for all other things. I think it will be fun!


graceling said...

I inspired you to be a Double Blogger?!

Double Blogging is great- it's so much more organized!