In September 2007, when I was nearly homeless, my awesome landlord allowed me to live in my present home for free until the 15th while I searched for roommates to join me. It was a miracle. It was an answered prayer.

Around the beginning of last year (2007) I decided that after I graduated with my master's degree in Forensic Psychology, I would pursue my dream of becoming an actress.

On April 5, 2008, I found out that I was accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Now, one of the things that concerned me was my living arrangements. I was looking into living in one of the hotels that provided special discounts to students of the school. It was going to be very expensive, but I resigned my poor self to the fact that it was what I would have to do. But God is bigger than that.

My God provided me with fabulous parents and not only did they help me with tuition, my Dad also searched for a place for me to live. Yesterday, such a place was found. I will be living with my "Uncle" and his family while I attend the program. I put Uncle in quotations because he is not either of my parent's brother. He is, in fact, a person that my dad mentored in Nigeria. We, Nigerians, refer to our elders as Uncle and Auntie even if they are not our parent's siblings. It's respect. I haven't even met him or his family.

So as my Dad, my Uncle and I were conversing on the phone via three-way, my Uncle asked me, "Do you drive?" I said, "I won't have a car, but..." And as I was going to inquire about public transportation, he said, "Well, we have a car that you can use."


You tell me.


Jummy said...


I'm inspired by your faith; thank you!