I'm Stuck!

Posted by ruthie

I do not know which template I like. Yesterday it was green (two different green templates actually) and today it is blue with dots. Who knows what it will be tomorrow? I know it is not a matter of life and death or of particular great importance, but what do you think?


goodnaijagirl said...

I've always been a fan of this particular blog template.

There are lots of free blogger template makers out there too and some that aren't free (in the latter category I like the cute templates made over at Cuppycake Designs).

graceling said...

Well, here's the beauty of a blog- you can change it whenever you want! Don't feel stuck choosing one- in just a few clicks you can change it again:)

Just because some people don't change their blogs (like me) it doesn't me you have to pick one to stick with for the rest of your blogging days:)

graceling said...

Also, blogging is addictive.

Just warning you now.