I am not Angelina

Posted by ruthie

No. I am not Angelina. Clearly I am far from it. However, whenever I mention that I want to adopt, people automatically remark that I want "pull an Angelina." Now, I am not sure when Angie decided that she wanted to adopt, but I'm pretty sure my decision came before I even knew she existed.

However, on the other hand, the funny thing is that Angelina Jolie's life is what I imagined mine would be like when I was a kid (well, minus the out of wedlock stuff and other things). When I was growing up, I knew I would adopt when I was older and adopt from all over the world. And as I wrote before, I have ALWAYS wanted to be an actress.

Angelina is one of my favourite actresses and believe it or not, I admired her before she began adopting and working as an Ambassador... you know, back in her "crazy" years. I have always thought that she was a fabulous actress and that the media is extremely hard on her. Even now, when she is doing much for the world, people criticize her. One thing I am very annoyed about is when they criticize her family. Many believe that she should be "cut off" from having children. What? What? Come on now. Who are we to say how many children a person can have? #1. It is evident that she loves her children (in my opinion); #2 She can support them financially; #3 She does not differentiate between her adopted and biological children, again in my opinion (and no, I will not believe the skewed stories of the media). She seems to be raising them well and out of the spotlight. Leave her alone!

So, I want to have 10 children (biological and adopted). There will be those who will look at me like I am crazy. There will be those who would want to "cut me off." Meh, I do not care. I know what my passions are: Jesus, Children (family) and the entertainment business.

So I guess what I am saying is, no, I am not Angelina, but I wouldn't mind having my own version of her life.