I apologize that I was not able to post a follow up on my audition. I have been sick for the last few days and now feel slightly better.
My audition on Saturday was cool, I think. It was actually really short, so Jum Jum, I really did not have time to feel nervous. It only took 13 minutes! I was ushered in, the lady (picture an older, cool, eccentric actress type from New York) asked my name, my age, asked me to write down the play that my monologues were taken from and then the characters I was playing. Then I was told to perform them. After I did that, she said, "come talk to me" and I pulled up a chair and sat opposite her.

She asked me why I wanted to do the summer program at AADA. I told her because I have wanted to be an actress since birth and that I was now going to pursue it. She asked what else I did, and I replied that I was getting my graduate degree in Forensic Psychology. She asked, why I would choose a career in acting when I can make money being a psychologist. I told her, I don't care about the money (and frankly, who knows if I can make a lot of money with my graduate degree). Anyway, she seemed to accept my answers.

Before I left, I asked her if one finds out by mail or email. She said mail and that the school lets people know fairly quickly.

I hope the mail is filled with good news soon.