I'm Sick :(

Posted by ruthie

I have had a semi sore throat for the last couple of days and I thought it was getting better, but I woke up today with my skin achy and my eyeballs (no, not my eyes, but my eyeballs) hurting. Seriously, it hurts when I look up, down, to the left and to the right. I guess I should be happy that it does not hurt to blink. And I have had this perpetual headache since last night.

I never get sick, so I did not know why my skin was achy when it started last night. I was seriously thinking, maybe my bra is too tight because the part that started hurting first was my left side starting right under where my bra ended. But alas, I woke up and it hurt all over. Procrastination sucks because I wanted to write a paper today, but couldn't (it's due Monday). And my friend is having a party and I wanted to go since I couldn't go to the last one. To no avail.

Oh and my audition is tomorrow. Readers Reader, please pray for me.


graceling said...

Well, get better. Because I say so (I am using my mom voice.)

Julie said...

You'll get better because I prayed for you. The party was fun, but of course was boring without you! Call me tomorrow and let me know how the audition went! Love you!!!