How the heck is it almost April 2008?!?

Posted by ruthie

I don't get it. Time goes so fast. I reckon it goes faster and faster the older one gets. My dad and I were discussing this one day.
Anyhoo... it is almost April, meaning that it is one day before my audition for the AADA 6-week acting intensive. I had a dream last night, actually a couple of dreams. One dream I completely forgot my monologues. I could not even think of the first word of either of them. In this dream, I scrambled, on my computer no less, to find the email where I had written down the monologues (hmmm...computer-obsessed much?). The auditioner (word?) was somewhat patient , and said that I could come back tomorrow with the monologues (although you could tell by the look on his face that he was thinking that I was a moron and even if I was to come the next day, I would never get into the program), but I was like, "No. I know it. Just give me a few seconds. Please!" And of course, the internet was taking a million years to load. My second dream consisted of me almost going into shock because I thought I had missed the audition. This happened about 4 times and each time I was like, "No, it's only Friday. Phew." This is what happens to me often. If I have somewhere to be or something to do, that is important, I will have these kinds of dreams 2 nights and the night before the actual day.

So, I audition tomorrow at 10AM. I will let you readers reader know how the audition itself went and then if I got into the program or not.

Hopefully a leg will be broken by the end of it.


graceling said...

When you break your leg, I can get you some good meds (*wink, wink*)