My Road to AADA = busyness

Posted by ruthie

I am going non-stop from now until at least August 15th. I have so much to do: sell my stuff, pack my stuff, one paper, one presentation, one exam, graduation, fly home, best friend's wedding, leave for ship (on the night of best friend's wedding), join the ship the next morning, work with children, leave the ship, go to LA, attend (an awesome) school. Ok, here is the layout:

May 11 - Graduation
May 13 - Leave for home
May 17 - Best friend's wedding
May 17 - Leave for the FR
May 18 - Join the FR
July 6 - Leave the FR
July 7 - Start school

I might be a bit busy this summer...

I think I am a little bit excited....


Anonymous said...

a bit busy!!!girl u r going to be busy a lot