Two good things

Posted by ruthie

I am finished my exam! I am so excited. As my roommate was quick to remind me, I have not graduated yet (:P to her). I still have to walk and receive my diploma. But whatever! I feel free and I am so happy. Praise God!

Second thing, is that I got a package from AADA. It was just a letter and a car sticker and a blue bag (in the picture!!!). The letter congratulated me for paying the school fees (my parents are AWESOME!!!) and went on to explain other things that I already knew. But I am happy. Two things that put a smile on my face.

What made you happy today?


Jummy said...

Yay! Getting that package must have been pretty exciting.

Good work on Uncle and Auntie's part, helping you out!

Having tea and apple crumble with my mom and sister and watching tv for two hours with them (something I rarely do) made me happy today!

Uzezi said...

my first time here. will be back

NaijaBabe said...

well done on finishing...