I Blew It

Posted by ruthie

Sad I know.

First things first. I had two different casting things in the last two days. Well, the first one was a meeting with an agent, as I wrote in my last post. That was yesterday. I believe it went well, although I am not sure if she will represent me yet or not. The one thing that will probably prove to hinder me in this search for an agent is my lack of experience. She assured me that I would have to go slow, probably start in commercials first. And I would be sent to smaller roles initially and all that stuff. That's fine with me. Oh, and she also said that I have the look of early 30s. I could probably pass for late 20s, but definitely early 30s. Hmmmm... I did not know that I looked that old. Not to say 30 is old, but.... well, I was unaware. :) She said she'll get back to me by early next week.

Ok, the second is what I blew. It was a diversity open casting call for NBC. (you can find the write up here). Basically, talent reps from NBC came here to look for news faces, primarily to add to their roster for the shows filmed here (ex. Battlestar Galactica, Psych, Eureka). It is not a for sure thing, but they just wanted to see different people. Well, I am usually good at interviews. I study and make sure I cover every question that could possibly be asked. I research on the internet about what to expect and all that. Well, what happened is that she asked me to tell her about my last role. I completely blanked. BLANKED! I knew it was Arthur Miller, but forgot which one of the four it was. She was holding my resume. I had to reach over to look at it. I think that, coupled with my lack of experience, made me look like this immature amateur who just wants to be a famous actress. Or something.

And that is definitely not me.

Annnnnyway, she gave me a smile and said, thanks for coming. We'll keep you headshot on file. Yeah, right. That means, thanks for coming. You suck. We're throwing your headshot away.

Others got a call back to do a cold read. I didn't.

But I'm ok with that. It's a learning experience. I will have other chances. I will just chalk this up to ignorance and add it to my list of things to expect:

Know and remember your past experiences to T!

Got it.

**NOTE: I know the picture really has nothing to do with anything. But sadness. But that's what I was going for. And isn't Matty just so cute??