Yep, I am Still Alive

Posted by ruthie

I am still alive. Bored, but still alive. Just looking for employment, both acting-wise and psychology related (to supplement my income while I audition). I actually submitted my headshot and resume to another agency and they replied asking for a demo reel. So now I must find two scenes from TV or Film, a camera and a person to read off camera with me.

That's what I'm doing this week... along with looking for employment.

See, that's why I haven't posted that recently.

My life is boring.


bloggeranonymous said...

Well... What you have you been doing now?? It's been a few months since your last post... what happened???!!!

Sarah-Jill said...

What?? You know Ruth?? Am I supposed to know this?? Am I really stupid?? :|
(P.S.- She was in Africa!) =P