Bradford Rogne must make me beautiful.

Posted by ruthie

So I booked my head shots. They occur on Friday the 5th of September. That's right. This Friday coming up. I must say, I'm a little nervous. I'm not used to having my picture taken. I'm a little self-conscious, which you say, might not be the best for the industry I'm entering. Plus, there was a time in my teen years I refused to be in pictures. Those years of my wedding slide show will be missing.

Anyway, I am also excited. I researched the photogs in LA for a long and I kept on coming back to Bradford Rogne. Two of my friends were photographed by him and while he's not the cheapest, he is also not the most expensive. Plus, what one receives for his prices is really exceptional. And, he is a make up artist. To the stars. Watching one of his videos inspired me. Blatanted showcased his talent. And he was just putting eyeliner on the woman. I chose to use him because of the fact that he is the make up artist for the shoot. It allows his subjects to become more comfortable with him before the pictures. He does your make up and hair and shoots you. I think it's brilliant. Everything about his business appeals to me and it relieved my anxiety... a little.

Oh, and he is not difficult too look at... (haha, jk...or am I?)

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