One step closer...

Posted by ruthie

I got my hair did today (haha..good English huh? Sounds cooler said than read). Anyway, it's not like I had too much trouble trying to find a place to get it done, but I had no idea where to start. I googled places in LA that did Black hair and read reviews. I settled on a place in Carson, which is where I used to live, but was now more than a half an hour away by car. I don't have a car. I had to canceled. Then I settled on a lady that, by her pictures, did a really good job. The problem was one had to book 2-3 weeks in advance. I was more like four days. She said that she would call me the next day to tell me if she was able to make it into town. It turned out that she couldn't, but she referred me to another hair dresser. I went in, told him what I wanted and came out with this:

Yes, I took these pictures myself and I have my signature poses, smile:

tongue out:

and surprised.

So my hair is did, which is one step closer to being headshot ready. T minus two days.

I like the job he did.

What do you think?


Julie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!