I found the the above saying in The Ultimate Gift, a book by Jim Stovall. It is a terrific book that was made into a film in 2006. Both are quite good and I really think that the quote sums up the way I feel. Some may ask why I want to pursue this profession. It is because it has always been my dream and the one thing that helps me to go on is faith.

But faith falters. I sometimes find myself wondering what I am doing. I am a confident individual, but like everybody I can sometimes feel inadequate. I find myself questioning why I would throw myself into a career that is flooded with beautiful, unemployed people. These are the people that will be vying for the same roles I will be vying for. I sometimes think, why would a casting director choose me, when another girl is more beautiful. Yes, sometimes I have those days. Luckily, so far, my faith has won out.

Oh, this post was not meant to be solely about faith and doubt. It was originally intended to be a little update on my journey. So, here it is. My near future in a nutshell.

So, I finished my six week course at AADA. What a fantastic experience! The summer students were seperated into two sections. I was part of section one, with 17 other individuals. Our ages ranged from 16 to 52. I can honestly say that I will remain close friends with many of them. We have only known each other for six weeks, but because we were together every day for that time, it feels as though we have known each other for far longer.

I experienced so much in those six weeks, including acting, dancing, voice and speech training, musical theatre and fencing. This was only a little taste of the proper two year program, one which I was accepted to in 1999 and would have loved to attend, then and now, left for the fact that I cannot afford it.

And speaking of the journey from doubt to assurance, there were also other students attending the school while we did. They were the first year students who began in the Winter. One of the requirements of this school is that each student participate in a one act at the end of the semester. These one acts, coupled with the recommendation of the teachers, help to determine which students will be asked back to attend the second year. It is not like regular uni. In order to come back, a student has to be invited. Anyway, we as summer students, were invited to watch these scenes and whatever doubts I had were quickly erased by watching these plays. They helped me recognize what I love about the art of acting and also calmed my mind about entering the industry.

So, now that school is over, what are my plans? Well, I plan to stay here until September 10, 2008. In this time, I plan to look for a job, one that will allow me to audition, but still make money. So far, being in school has taken a lot of my time, but now that school is finished, I have a lot more time to dedicate. Please pray for me.

If I do not find a job by September 10th, I have to go home. I know that it sucks to put a time limit on a dream, but one cannot live on dreams alone. A girl has got to have some money. I have none. But before returning, I plan on getting my headshots done by Bradford Rogne. I will write a post about him in the near future, but in the meantime please check him out at www.photosla.com. I reckon if I have to start my career in Vancouver, at least I will have some mint looking pictures.

So that is my plan for right now. Please pray that I am able to stay and survive in LA.

But I also believe that if it is meant to be, God will work it out anywhere.


cathy said...

Will definitely pray for you! Dreams and courage and God will bring you forth, wherever that might be :)

Anonymous said...
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