The day has arrived

Posted by ruthie

No... it is not my wedding day. That won't be for another 40 years. Or so.


Anyway, the "day" refers to my head shot day. As you can see from this post, I was a little nervous. But, Bradford Rogne (pronounced Rog-Knee) was AMAZING. He made me feel at ease and made me look good. Bradford did make me look beautiful.

So, I know you all would like to see my pics, but I have over 400 to go through. So, I will do that and get them up as soon as I can. But here are a few to tide you over (please keep in mind that these are untouched. Go easy on me:).
If you are an actor, go to Bradford Rogne. He's brilliant!


Nickie said...

I think that you look like the gorgeous girl-next-door in the second one, and a sexy vixen in the third!!! I'm sure that all of the shots are beautiful, so good luck sorting through them!

graceling said...

You look so beautiful! I love them!

Jummy said...

At the risk of echoing nickie and graceling I've got to say that you look absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad you invested in headshots with Rogne!

I don't think he had to do much to make you look good though...

Anonymous said...

Very Beautiful!

archiwiz said...

Wow....You look so much like Michelle Obama in the last pic. I second Jummy though...:)